Have you and your family reached the point where you are in the dilemma of trying to decide to move or to add an addition on to your current home? Do you enjoy hanging out with your neighbors on a football Saturday? Is your home close to work and/or school? Do you have equity in your home? Do you dislike the thought of packing up all those boxes to move? Transforming your current home into your dream home CAN be done.

There are so many reasons why people add onto their homes. It maybe for accessible living (ADA) needs.  Are you thinking of moving a parent into your home? You may want a larger family room, larger kitchen, master suite, need an additional bathroom or bedroom. What is your reason?

Then stay put and add onto your home! We know you might be thinking, “I just can’t picture how this might work,” but let the HRT experts show you how it can work for you!